TIL: VSCode Go To Symbol Shortcut

Inspired by a coworker’s appreciation of Today I Learned style blogs (hey kmac), I’m going to attempt to start blogging about little tips and tricks and interesting things I learn as I go about my day to day work.

This one might be an obvious one if you’re a Visual Studio Code power user, but it was new to me!

Go To Symbol

Just hit ⌘T, or preface your search in the Command Palette with #. This lets you search all the symbols (function declarations, variables, types, basically anything named) in your workspace, and jump right to where it’s defined.

Usually, I would use the search bar for this, but I can see it being useful for something that’s used in many places, and I really want to get to where the symbol is defined as quickly as possible.

Now, if I’m looking at a place where that symbol is used, it’s probably faster to ⌘ + click on the name, or right click on it and select Go To Definition, which should do the same thing. Still, it’s a neat feature that I didn’t know VSCode had!