Benjie K

Benjie is a Front-End Web Developer. He's good friends with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, React, Vue, and WordPress.

Toronto, Canada

IC/ Insider


We needed a simple internal communication tool for our Toronto office. Our onboarding process was inconsistent across departments, and vital information needed by all employees, new and old, was scattered across multiple information sources. IC/ Insider was our solution to gather all that information into one place - making onboarding easier, and reducing us to a single source of truth for office policies and resources.


We used a WordPress theme with a built in page builder, but found we needed a lot of custom functionality that wasn’t possible with the limits the page builder imposed. I re-built the theme from the ground up, relying on Advanced Custom Fields to make an easy interface for my colleagues to add and edit pages. We also expanded the site into a multi-site network and deployed it to a total of four of our global offices.

In my spare time at the front desk, with support from the development team, I was responsible for all code, styling, and administration of the site. I was also responsible for drafting some of the content, pertinent to my role as Office Manager.